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  • Today the technology is growing fast day by day. The software developers are use to create and manage different software’s. There are different software’s which are now have become a basic part of our life i.e. ATM software, Hospital management software’s in different hospitals, task management software’s in order to manage different tasks and much more. All software’s are developing in order to serve people in number of ways. Software’s should be developing with great concentration and focus. The problem in any part can lead to major disaster. In order to solve the errors and working of the software’s the software developers should be fully trained in order to deal with the issues, it would help if they were trained web developers aswell. Software’s which are now developed are according to the customer’s choice. The developer’s first identified the requirement and then develops the software according to it. An expert knowledge is required in order to meet the requirements and solving different issues. The software’s are created by using different computer languages such as C++, Java, html, CSS, PHP etc. The best software developers can be seen through universities, through competitions of programming etc. Different techniques can be applied in order to choose the best developer.

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